Friday Things: 06/29

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[Woo-hoo, it's Friday! This week I've started reading Peter Pan, and man it's definitely much darker than some of the movies that've adapted it, particularly the Disney version which I've seen more more times than I can count. Just in the first few chapters I've learned a few things about Peter Pan that surprised me.

I've also been playing Braid, and man is it tough! I mean, once you figure out the puzzles it's a simple game, but they really make you think. I'm loving it!

That being said, you came here for the link dump, right? Check it out right below!]

On Writers, books and such:

Found on Jen Campbell's blog, here's a look at 15 Writers' bedrooms. Very interesting!

I'm not sure why I didn't know about the Bookshelf blogbefore. Check it out for pictures of awesome bookshelves! Some of them are so creative - I hope someday I have the space for a big fixture like the kind of stuff shown there.

On Star Wars:

Star Wars gets its own section today since I have not one, but two things to post that are Star Wars related (yay!)

First up is this awesome parody video of Gotye's Somebody I Used To Know, except it's called Star Wars I Used To Know. The production team did a fantastic job with this. (via Geeks are Sexy)

Clinton Felker has rendered Yoda in an interesting (and unique) way: as a Japanese mystic. I love the departure from the usual sort of Star Wars art, so of course it ended up here for me to share. Click image to enbiggen and be sure to check out his blog. (via Neatorama)


Dale North found an amazing blog today and shared it on Twitter: Photo Stealers. It points out "photographers" who steal photos from others to promote their own label without attribution. Scummy!

Natalia Tena, who you may know as Harry Potter's Tonks, has a role in Game of Thrones and recently spoke up about her feelings on gender inequality on television in terms of nudity. While Game of Thrones has some actual full male nudity, she feels the industry in general is unbalanced (and who can blame her; it's true). Read a quickie on her thoughts about some things that are wrong with GoT  and the industry at large.

One of the most impressive things I've had the pleasure of reporting on for Tomopop has been some papercraft work by Diana Herrera and Matt Hawkins. Their creativity is inspiring and must be shared.

VanaFest is over and a bunch of new information was announced for Final Fantasy XI. I know I'm probably one of a small amount of people who'd read this blog interested in that kind of thing, but it is genuinely exciting, as an actual expansion pack will be released next year. Not add-ons, no cheapy missions, but a full expansion with whole new zones and battlefields, new monsters, and two new jobs (Rune Fencer and Geomancer). The expansion is called Seekers of Adoulin.

[That's it for me today. Look forward to my next recap of  True Blood. I've also recently added  Japanator A.M. to the list of podcasts I've been a guest in, so you should give them a listen sometime. See you next week!]