Friday Things: 06/22

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[Another week gone by! My birthday came and went, and there was cake and  tostones, which are fried green plantains (my favorite snack/side). This weekend marks the opening of Brave, which I will be watching and presumably enjoying. Yesterday marked the official Heat Championship as well, which makes me proud as a Miamian. Read on for this week's links and tidbits!]

On The Miami Heat:

I might as well start with this. It's great to see a home team win, and it's especially nice when it's just so easy to talk a lot of trash on Miami. To that end, Pepe Billete, local character who specializes on social commentary and telling people to go jump a lake (in more vulgar terms), wrote an open letter to Miami Heat Haters. I agree with basically all his points, except where he makes some brief, but general commentary on OKC going home to Weight Watchers meetings. I have nothing against OKC - they played well and they showed some decent sportsmanship at the end of the game (more than I could say for spme other teams that've played against Miami). I look forward to seeing their game in the future. Everything else, though? Relish it.

Warning: if you're not from Miami, you probably won't understand a few references.

On Movies:

Brave has just come out, and folks are already plenty divided. Here's one positive review from The Mary Sue with a few balanced opinions on where the movie is good and where other folks might see fault.

Are you a fan of Blade Runner? Someone is doing it in watercolor. Every frame.

Someone covered the theme from the Harry Potter series on wine glasses. (via Geekologie)

Angelina Jolie has never looked better as she does right now as Maleficent. It's just too bad we have to wait until 2014 for the actual film release.

I'm a fan of the new Tinkerbell movie series, and I was already pretty excited for this year's release Secret of the Wings. I'm even more excited now to know that this movie reveals that Tinkerbell has an actual sister. Her name is Periwinkle and she's adorable.

On Video Games:

I found this  Pokémon page. I can't stop looking. So much merchandise! It's not like I'd buy up a whole ton of the stuff nowadays, but the nostalgia factor is pretty high.

VanaFest is coming, and I sadly can't attend. If you happen to be around on Spt. 22, there will be a concert at University of California at Berkeley. Here's the info.

I'm ridiculously excited for the upcoming Epic Mickey games. I unfortunately haven't bought in to the 3DS yet, but Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion looks fantastic. Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two will be out this year as well, and I know I'll definitely be getting it and probably for PS3.

I think that while I was in high school, I would have killed for a Majora's Mask back pack like this. I'm sure I would have killed for this Goomba skirt , too. Hell, I'd wear something like that today. It looks great!

[Alright, I think that's good. Things you should know about: you may or may not have noticed that I've begun my True Blood recaps. I'll be doing my summaries all season and they will not be entirely spoiler-free, so proceed with caution! Once Doctor Who begins to air I might be doing the same for that. Pretty soon (probably this weekend) you'll start seeing a Movies/TV/anime tab or something to that effect up at the navigation area and I'll filter anything that falls under that category over there.]