Friday Things: 06/15

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[Another Friday...another set of links that I hope everyone will enjoy! My birthday is coming up next week... but it doesn't really feel like it. Maybe once I start seeing balloons and fried green plantains and such it'll feel a bit more like I'm turning a year older.]

On Travel:

A trip through Asia in 90 seconds. (via)

According to PopPhoto, these are the top 25 places in the world to photograph. *Beware,* this is one of those pages you have to click for each entry.

On book-related things:

This is one of the more hilarious exchanges I've read in a while. Maureen Johnson had FedEx deliver her manuscript to Random House (the publishing company), but the FedEx driver insists he can't deliver her package to a random house.

On Disney:

We can't have Marvel characters running around at WDW Orlando because of agreements with Universal Studios, but that isn't going to stop Disney from placing The Avengers at Disneyland Resort. Lucky!

I'm absolutely loving these stained glass Disney designs (seen at The Mary Sue, via Lesbian Reader). There's one above, and you'll have to click the LR link to see the other

Here's the scoop on Disney's upcoming female-led animated adventure film, Frozen.

Sad to see the end of the Toy Story films? Don't worry, a continuation is underway, just not in full-feature film format.

Clothing and accessories:

Why yes, I would like any of these awesome Batman panties. Finally, some nice designs!


A fifth grader from New York was supposed to deliver a speech to his school and chose same-sex marriage as the topic. He was then told to change the subject or forfeit. You should have a look at the wonderful insight he has on the subject, including the fact that just because your parents want to censor particular subjects at home doesn't mean they're horrible things that shouldn't ever be talked about. He even makes the valid point that all he needs to do is turn on the news to hear about these issues.

Aisha Tyler got a lot of nonsense flak for being at the helm at Ubisoft's press conference at this year's E3. Her response? Classic. (via Letters of Note)