Friday Things: 05/14 (Monday Edition)

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[Friday Things came after the weekend due to my being a bit preoccupied and thus unable to get all these things up on time. Of course, it'll still be all the same stuff]

On Cool Covers:

This guy (Nick McKaig) really does a great job covering the Star Wars theme! Upon further inspection, he's got several great ones, including a cover of the original Pokémon opening. All with his voice.  (found via Neatorama)

Recently, I had a chance to look at a cover album for Japanator called Vivid Covers, a 20th anniversary tribute to L'Arc~en~Ciel. It's pretty good stuff! Here's the Amazon link.

On Photography:

Like seascape photography? Get your fill here with Jose Pombo's work. Some of these images look truly surreal, but it's all natural.

"What if Learning to Use Photoshop Were Like Learning to Play Portal?" That headline was certainly an attention-grabber when I saw it via PetaPixel so I won't do anything to it in hopes you'll click, too.

On TV:

"Waiting Sucks!" Here's the first actual trailer for upcoming season five of True Blood, which will begin airing June 10. I was kind of iffy for it before, especially with the big mess that season four ended in, but I like what I see here. Once it begins to air, I'll be writing recaps/summaries along with my thoughts here on GeekeryDo, so look forward to that!

On Book/Author News:

Some of the biggest news on the internet last week was about Maurice Sendak. To be completely honest, I didn't grow up attached to Where The Wild Things Are. I actually didn't know what it was until maybe two years ago, but it seems that a lot of folks around me and in general hold it dear, including Neil Gaiman who wrote this article for the Guardian.

Why, yes, I would certainly love to own such a nifty and cute item as this book rest! I'm so glad you asked.


In honor of Mother's Day this past weekend, Mental Floss posted a fun list of the nine worst mothers in the animal kingdom. I was surprised by the list when I saw pandas and rabbits and the like included in it!

[That's it for this week! As for other stuff, I've finished reading Good Omens (Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) and begun reading Chomp (Carl Hiaasen). I'm also going to start playing Dead Space, a four year old horror shooter while all the cool kids play Diablo III. So... yeah. Hurray?]