Friday Things: 05/04

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[May the Fourth be with you all! Today is one of my favorite days, simply because a lot of Star Wars parody stuff comes out for the day. It's also the day before Cinco de Mayo, and the U.S. release of The Avengers. There's a lot to love about today.]

On the most ridiculous political garbage of the week:

I thought I'd just get this one out first before we got to the more pleasant stuff. Apparently, some perverts in the legislation have decided that hugging and hand holding are "gateway sexual activities" and totally not allowed. It's so bad that teachers/schools could get in trouble for "condoning" such activity. I forgot that hugging is somehow a big factor in teen pregnancy, rather than the continued belief of delusional "adults" that by not educating their teenagers on the real factors, they'll just pretend sex doesn't exist or they'll find out about it without knowing the consequences of being ignorant.

Now, on to the nice things.

On Schools Doing the Right Thing:

By contrast to the previous linkage to schools being steered wrong, Neil Gaiman shared this link to a story about a school that is tackling discipline in a different way which fosters personal growth and overall educational improvement rather than just dumping the kid to the wayside. This new method was tested in a school for problem kids, and they're doing great. Expulsions, suspensions and more have gone down. As Neil mentioned on Twitter, this is a must read for all teachers/educators and parents!

On Artwork:

Like the Muppets? David Petersen has you covered with some great artwork right here.

Ben Huber creates wonderful vector art, and the latest is this Legend of Zelda poster. You can buy it. Own it. You should also check out the rest of his online corner here and see the other awesome artwork he's got for sale.

On Photography:

I recently discovered this awesome website called Underground New York Public Library. A photographer takes pictures of reading commuters. Each image entry also has the relevant book title.

On Books and Writing:

My boyfriend sent along this link to "10 Books Every Copywriter Should Read." Honestly it's a good list for any writer in general, so I thought I'd mention it. (warning: some random things pop up at the bottom of the screen)

The Mary Sue shared this hilarious video of Ellen DeGeneres reading 50 Shades of Grey. As usual, I think she's hilarious.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Free Comic Book Day. The point is generally to get kids to read more comics, but you should all check out your local comic shop and try out something new anyway. It's a good day to share your love of comics or get into them if you aren't.

On Disney:

This guy covered the DuckTales theme song and it sounds rad. (via Neatorama)

[And that's it for this week. Enjoy!]