Friday Things 04/27

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[I've had a pretty busy week. Now that I've got a stationary bike, I could exercise more without feeling like I'm taking time away from anything else (not that exercise is low on my priority list, but it's a problem that I have way too many hobbies). I'm spending more time reading and now I'm going to be putting some more time into gaming.  I've finished playing Skyward Sword and last night I started playing Trine, which so far is a lot of fun. More on this later, of course. For now, waste some time on the internet!]

On Art:

I hate it when people think they're so clever and write stuff like "wash me" with the dust of a car. It happens to everyone, I expect. What doesn't happen to everyone? Actual, intricate artwork created with the same offensive dust. Watch the video above! No volume? No problem: the video has comments throughout. (via BoingBoing)

On Book-related Goings-on:

Charlaine Harris, author of the Southern Vampire Mysteries which were adapted into hit HBO series True Blood has sold another of her mystery book series, but this time to Syfy. It's called Grave Sight and sounds like it'll be lots of fun. (via EW, and since has come up on Blastr where more new series announcements have been listed, including a production based on Stephen King's Eyes of the Dragon)

Also related to Charlaine Harris, for those of you who are into the Southern Vampire Mysteries, this Tuesday, May 1 is the release date of the next book in the series, Deadlocked.

Harris will be kicking off her book tour in Miami (yay!) and as you could imagine, I'll be there to take a picture with her, shake her hand, maybe even give her a little something (a watercolor piece of Eric and Sookie, which I'll share here if it comes to be). Here's a look at her tour schedule in case you are interested in catching her at your local book store, too!

Finally, it appears that Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book has been picked up by Disney for an adaptation. I haven't read that title yet, but it's supposed to be an alternate story based on The Jungle Book

On Writing:

Ever wonder about gender neutral pronouns? Recently, Sweden adopted a gender neutral pronoun, though I can't find the article I originally read on the subject (but here's one anyway). It's "hen," which is a cross between their words for "she" and "he." It raises the question, though, whether English should also adopt one that isn't "they." Here's Grammar Girl's  article on the subject.

On Video Games:

My boyfriend has been hanging out on Fancy and showed me these awesome Tetris-themed sticky notes as well as a trenchcoat for dogs. Ok, so maybe the trenchcoat isn't video games related, but I thought I'd just lump it in here. You could buy the sticky notes on Amazon!

This is an episode from Penny Arcade's PATV concerning the issue of harassment, bullying and misogyny on the internet in gaming, what the problems are and simple suggestions to bring about massive improvements. I'm not embedding the video because the page itself has links to other relevant pages such as where you can go to petition Microsoft to examine the issue and provide solutions mentioned in the video. All gamers should watch this and get themselves involved.

I quite enjoyed playing Epic Mickey and I'm beyond excited for upcoming Epic Mickey: The Power of Two. So far, it looks like it's going to be one heck of a project, and here's an Insider look at the game. For now, Power of Two is actually up for pre-order on Amazon for those who want to reserve it (for release in October), as well as a second, related title, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for Nintendo DS (also up for pre-order). There's a cool video here if you want to see one, too.

On Photography:

Light Stalking put up a handy list of "10 Unmissable Apps for iPad and iPhone Photographers" and needless to say, I agree that these are all great apps.There are others I'd recommend though, such as TrueHDR and, for the fun of it, Puri!, iPurikura, Pudding Cam and other fun puri apps for the Japan enthusiasts among us.

Two FREE Webinars are happening on Tuesday, May 1 on the subject of color balance thanks to X-rite Photo. It's a start-to-finish explanation on the process and includes instruction in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop. A great opportunity for everyone! Here's the invitation.

On Geek Jewelry:

I need this bracelet in my life. I've never been much of a Hello Kitty fan, but I find the older I get the more charming I find her (I even play Hello Kitty Online when I've got the time). Then again, it's also a Star Wars related item, which is the first way I was drawn to this. Here's where you could buy it. (via Fashionably Geek)

[I think that's good for this week. Thanks to everyone that tunes in, and I hope you find some interesting stuff in here! As always, be sure to throw links my way to anything you'd like me to share on this column with other folks.]