Friday Things: 04/20

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[Friday Things is back again! So soon..! I think this week there'll be more time wasters than usual...]

On Food-related Geekery:

Captain America cupcakes! Here's a great do-it-yourself instructional on getting your cupcakes of any kind to look like his shield! Found it via The Mary Sue.

I like pie. I'm sure you do, too. What if I told you there were only $25 between you and some pie pops? Yeah, I knew that'd get your attention. You can buy the Babycakes Pie Pop Maker here. Found this via Super Punch.

On Geek Jewelry and Apparel:

Into Portal? You'll probably like these GLaDOS-inspired rings by Chris Myles (there's even a Hello Kitty style ring!) that are up for sale. Found this by The Mary Sue.

My love of Star Wars knows no bounds, and these shoes are right up my alley. Sure, there are lots of shoes that attempt the same thing, but it won't stop me from sharing them with you all. These are custom shoes by Holly Grothues who will basically put any geekery into her shoe designs (and more). Check her out! Found via Geek Crafts.

On Travel:

Previous head of TSA talks about airport security, why it's broken and what needs to be done in order to fix it. It's a great read for any and all travelers. Thanks to Allistair Pinsof for sharing this on Twitter.

On Disney:

Orange Bird is back at Walt Disney World! Don't know who that is? Read what Steve Miller has to say on it and take a look at some upcoming merchandise.

My buddy Chris Guanche brought this article to my attention. Rich Ross has stepped down as head of the Walt Disney Studios, though it's unclear whether he left or has been fired, and why, and who will replace him.

This video is awesome. I found this talented lad via The Disney Blog! Listen to Dan Wright sing a solo quartet arrangement of When You Wish Upon A Star. If you check out his channel, you'll find a bunch of other awesome music, too.

Here's a run down of the Disney titles you could get on Blu-ray this year! Alternatively, you could always just glance at every now and then, but nonetheless, this was brought to my attention via WDW Daily Newsfansite. I'm particularly interested in The Rescuers and Babes in Toyland! They've never been released in Blu-ray, and I haven't even seen either since their VHS days, so it'll be a treat.

Pete's Dragon falls under that category as well. What a throwback.

On Video Games:

My boyfriend found this opinion article on Wired on the cost of video games . It's been a pretty hot topic this past week or so, and worth taking a look at. After all, having to pay $60 every time a new game comes out has become pretty prohibitive, especially when those $60 don't get you the entire, unlocked game any more. Blaming used games sales isn't the answer, either. If anything, publishers are punishing their customers by limiting used games content even more.

On a lighter note, Capcom Unity is looking for the biggest, baddest artistically inclined fans to toss fan art and musical creations their way as a part of the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter! Alerted via TOKYOPOP.

On Books:

Is there a formula to writing a best seller? Sarah Weinman on NPR says there is


Excited for The Avengers ? Me too. There are iOS apps which have been released to tie us over, aside from the multitude of clips that Marvel has released. At this point, I wonder if we've seen like a quarter of the movie already? Hehe!

I didn't know that crunches are actually really bad for you. Get-Fit Guy on Quick & Dirty Tips tells us why and what the alternatives are. Needless to say, I'll be avoiding crunches from now on!

It's last minute, but if you like to draw comics you could submit a guest strip over to Danielle Corsetto by Tuesday for consideration on her comic Girls With Slingshots. Most web comic inclined folk I know are already fans and probably already know about this, but hey, I thought I'd drop this in here anyway.

It's impossible for me to not highlight when women accomplish awesome things. One of this year's Pulitzer Prize winners is Sara Ganim, 24 years old, who is a journalist and broke lots of crime stories, including the whole Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno fiasco. The prize is well deserved! via The Mary Sue.

[Dang, this was a loaded week! Lots of cool stuff to read and pass the time. I hope you enjoy it!]