Friday Things: 04/13

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Whoa, Friday the 13th! Is anyone here superstitious?

On Photography:

Asylum from Drew Geraci on Vimeo.

What do you get when you give Drew Geraci access to an abandoned asylum with a camera? 35,000 pictures photos turned into an awesome time-lapse video.

These hilarious images of disappointed-looking animals made their rounds on the internet this week, and I thought I'd share again just in case.

On Writing:

Looks like news about J.K. Rowling's new book that is targeted at adults has finally surfaced. It'll be called The Casual Vacancy and is set to be released toward the end of September (for now). Read about it at Little, Brown.

Nathan Bransford lays down the law! The 10 Commandments For Editing Someone Else's Work.

On Stephen King's new upcoming book and being interviewed by Neil Gaiman.

On Travel:

If you've never used Trip Advisor, I highly recommend you consider it whenever you're making plans to go somewhere new. And now, they've made the decision-making process even easier by integrating reviews into Facebook so you could see ratings/reviews from your friends at the top of the list. Nifty, eh?

On Geek Things:

Did you ever see that one picture of Sir Ian McKellan with a red shirt that said something like, "I'm Magneto and Gandalf, Get over it?" Until this week, I didn't know that was a photo-shopped version of the shirt which said something more like, "Some people are gay, get over it." It's alright though, because the creators were honest about it - it just got too viral too fast. The Mary Sue took this meme a step further and created a list of 17 people who have portrayed more than one major icon in geekdom (such as Harisson Ford as Indy, Solo and Deckard). You can check it out here and give those ladies the props!

This week, one of the more popular posts on Tomopop featured an awesome LEGO mash-up of a Gundam and Evangelion. It brings the debate to peace in a great way, and struck the right chords with a lot of people.

On Cute Things:

Danny Choo talked about his card game on his blog this week, called Moekana. It's an adorable, fun way to learn hiragana (the main alphabet set in Japanese) using cards prominently featuring his original character Mirai Suenaga. It's worth taking a look, though it's hard to say whether you'll be able to snag a deck.

That's it for this week! If you're superstitious, watch out today! Otherwise, have a great weekend. As always, if I get recommendations from you folks I'll add 'em here too, so don't be shy now.