Friday Things: 04/06

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Woo, another Friday!

On Disney:

I found these awesome Disney Princess (though Alice and Tinkerbell are there) headbands via The Mary Sue, which are on sale here for $14.99 each. A bit steep, but it probably takes a little while to get all those ribbons on the right way. My favorite is the Tinkerbell headband!

It looks like we might get a train that runs from Miami to Orlando. While I'm happy about the news, I'm also upset that our idiot governor could have gotten a free bullet train and he turned it down. Now a private corporation wants to build a train for us, which I'm all for.

On May 4th from 7-10 p.m. there'll be a Star Wars themed art show over at the Pop Gallery in Downtown Disney Orlando. I'm pretty excited, though I doubt I'll be able to make it. In case any of you can, though, here's a link to the event page!

On books and writing:

Michael shares another piece of a book he's writing as a short story today.

On geekery and gaming:

A friend recently turned me on to Lindsey Stirling and her great violin work (and cute/awesome videos that go along with them). The more recent video is based on Skyrim. I haven't played it, but I can't deny this rendition of the theme just blew me away.

On random things that exist:

Text from dog Tumblr had me laughing big time. I found it via Neatorama. It is now one of my new favorite things.

On cute things:

SEGA is collaborating with Coca-Cola for a promotion featuring Hatsune Miku. I shared this on Twitter but I decided to share it again here because I think it's adorable. I like that it's a departure from typical Miku with her teal hair, gray/black clothing and striped panties. This artwork features stylized hair colors and polka dot panties with the color scheme for Coca-Cola. I do love polka dots.

That's kind of it for this week, though. It's been pretty slow, and I already share a lot of other stuff via Google+, Twitter, and occasionally Facebook. I've also been busy reading! This past week I finished reading two books and posted my reactions/reviews, and I want to keep the trend going. Maybe not a 2 reviews a week sort of trend, but I am happy to be reading more. I've set a pretty hefty reading goal for myself this year, so we'll see how it goes. If I do end up moving to Japan come August, it might be more difficult for me to keep up (I'd have to buy books on my Kindle or something), but nonetheless I'll do what I can.

Tonight I'm going to a cool festival so I'll probably share some images from that. I'll also be hitting up Disney next weekend since I'll be at Orlando anyway for my interview with Interac, so you can bet I'll be taking pictures then. Look forward to it!

Finally, in case you haven't noticed I finally put in an ad box from Project Wonderful into my sidebar. So far, a bunch of web comic advertisers have picked it up (I love that!), and it's all looked pretty rad. At the time of writing, there isn't anything showing up in there, but you should make sure to take a look every now and then and discover some new artists or cool things. I'll make sure I'm careful to screen the ads for NSFW content and all that.

If you ever see something inappropriate, please let me know! Happy Easter, everyone!