Adventures in Gunpla: SD Stargazer Gundam

PlamoKristina Pino5 Comments

As it tends to be with all things geek, it only takes an enabler to get you into something new. I love puzzles, and more recently I've gotten into robots, but I've never put the two together. A friend handed me an extra SD kit he had lying around (an SD Stargazer Gundam, as mentioned in the title) and showed me which tools I'd have to use to clip the pieces off the runners and all that, and sent me off on my way.

Before I knew it, I had this in front of me. He's absolutely adorable! And of course, there's something incredibly satisfying of having a model sitting on my shelf that I put together all on my own, with my own two hands.

Now, I feel like I'm at the edge of a deep, gaping hole. The gunpla-heads are all looking up saying, "Come in, the water's fine!" Meanwhile, I stare down into the abyss and wonder: "Do I want to get myself into this?"

The answer is yes. I'll be adding "Adventures in Gunpla" to my column repertoire, though it won't be too often (I hope) given it takes time to pick out a new kit, purchase it, wait for it to get home and then build it. For now, I'm going to stick with the ones that come together without glue and ones I don't really have to add paint or anything to. Honestly though, I might get into painting them sooner than later considering that I can already tell decals are going to be the bane of my existence.

Building SD Stargazer was easy peasy. I did make one terrible mistake and accidentally nipped off a peg, but thankfully it was on the back and there were several pegs, not just one, which would be used to attach the bit with the thrusters. I got away with that one, but I'll have to be more careful in the future.

I took a few pictures, but as it is the piece is incomplete. I noticed that there are more details in the images than what I'm seeing in front of me, and I've got some Microns I'll be using for that. I learned today that they're called "panel lines." I'll be updating again once I'm totally finished with this kit, so look forward to it! It's going to be awesome.

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