Friday Things: 03/30

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[It's the end of March! Hurray! Another week goes by and I've got another list of stuff I found interesting this week. A few things had the Internet a-buzz recently, including a questionable blog post on Forbes about Geek Girls. Check out my time wasters below:]

On Photography:

Amazing Photography shared some images taken at Japan's abandoned amusement park Nara Dreamland. The park is basically a bootleg, and the images are illegally taken. Enjoy!

There are lots of incredible images here.

J-List's Peter Payne shared a link to a list of 25 fantastically lucky photographs featuring animals. He's right: they are rare photos indeed! Some of them are hilarious. A must-click.

On Books and Reading:

Pottermore opened up this week! Hurray! This is where you go for all your Harry Potter e-book needs. You don't have long to wait for the full Pottermore site to open up to the public, either.

Back to the e-books, though. Pottermore broke some ground by running sales and all that on their own shop. The problem, though, is they pretty much broke Amazon with all the re-directs and it shut down their US Kindle store for a little while. At least, that's what a lot of folks are assuming. Either way, yikes.

Steven Lloyd Wilson writes on why we need bad fiction in order to appreciate the real good stuff in this post titled Pick Your Poison: Sturgeon's Law and Why We Love Bad Fiction.

It looks like Young Adult fiction continues to be a strong theme on my Twitter feed , as Sharayah Pranger tweets about this discourse on the subject on Room for Debate: The Power of Young Adult Fiction. There are some interesting points listed here and it's worth the read for sure.

Here's a link to 11 Writing Tips from Childrens Books. Some of this is fun and could be applied to any sort of writing.

On Geek issues:

Earlier I mentioned a particular article that had gone up on Forbes about Geek Girls ("Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away"). When I read it, I'll admit I felt a bit bothered by the angle, but I didn't jump in the debate because in reality there is no winning. There'll always be folks out there that pretend to like things for attention, as well as folks who will be criticized by "real" geeks for not being hardcore enough fans of whatever. In the end, my opinion is to just like what you like, even if it means dealing with unfair and stupid "geek cred tests" at every other corner.

That being said, there is some good reading material on the debate if you're interested in seeing how some other females on the internet feel about the matter.

Leigh Alexander produced a great rebuttal on her personal blog, and Lauren Orsini another on hers titled "'Fake Geek Girls' aren't the problem." They're both worth a look.

On Geek Stuff I Want to Buy:

This is a TARDIS iPhone case. There are lots of cases of its kind for sale on Etsy and I'm very tempted to purchase one. It's pretty much perfect, and it works well with the downloadable iPhone wallpaper to make the screen match. (image via first link)

That's it for my links this week! They're actually pretty loaded, so I hope you find something interesting there. As usual, I welcome all sorts of stuff and you could totally recommend stuff for me to share at any time. Have a good one!