Friday Things: 03/23

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[Welcome to Friday Things! This week it'll be a little shorter than usual because I've been a busy bee. I actually have passed my first interview for the ALT job, and now I'll be preparing for the second interview and seminar which takes place in three weeks. Wish me luck?]

On Photography:

This guy likes to blend in. Check out the "Invisible Man" in Beijing.

Federico Chiesa has a horror photo project going called Horror Vacui which entails imagining villains from the 80s or so as they might look today. The picture of Freddy was the eye-catcher for me, but they're all great.

On Books and stuff:

Book Riot has been publishing cool galleries in a series called "Libraries of the Rich and Famous." Some of these are freekin' gorgeous! I hope someday I can have a beautiful personal library like any of the pictures. (Part 1 ) (Part 2)

I seriously love Lemony Snicket, and so does my fellow contender for Emlyn's "Books that made me <3 reading" challenge Emily Moir. Here's her post on why.

On Gaming:

Did you ever play more than 1 Kingdom Hearts game? How about like 4 or 5 Kingdom Hearts games? Here's an amusing explanation of how the cast and time line work.

On Science:

My friend Romney Manassa on the issue of resurrecting/cloning Woolly Mammoths.

Other funny stuff:

I love Ellen DeGeneres and her pranks and stuff. Here's a fun video where she sends someone in to a JCPenny photo studio.

That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed the fun stuff!