Friday Things: 03/16

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[Another week, another Friday Things! Check out the links below and waste some time on the Internet.]

On Books and Writing:

My buddy Sharayah Pranger does her own weekly link column called Weekly Bookmarks, and this week she featured this story about whether meeting a jerk author makes you less inclined to enjoy their work. I personally think it's true: this applies to me with artists and their artwork, so why not writing?

Friend and storyteller Counterpunch has debut his new website! You could read his introduction right here.

Apparently, it isn't possible for a young person reading something from medieval times like Dante's Divine Comedy to understand the context of racism or other non-PC themes within the title. Thankfully, in this case common sense reigns and the books won't be removed from curriculum.

This is "yet another" well-written post about how to deal with writers effectively (basically, on the issue of actually paying writers for work).

A clever post about fanfiction, or basically prequels/spin-offs/etc. of classic stories, with a short list of some of the better ones worth looking at.

On Photography:

Your photography gear should be as fun and interesting as your pictures. Thanks to Borrow Lenses I now know about all these awesome bags! (image via linked post)

More updates on what you should know about Pinterest if you are also a photographer. (Part 1) (Part 2)

On Disney:

Sometime soon, we may start seeing Marvel superheros wandering the Disney Parks alongside the other classic Disney characters. It's just a maybe, but hey.

On Gaming:

This video is very silly. If you're as much of a fan of the Monkey Island series as I am, you'll find it doubly silly. It's a guy on a unicycle playing a trumpet and bagpipes. Come on!


Relevant to my interests right now, since I've got my big interview on Wednesday, there are some tips on what to do during your interview right over at Forbes. Namely, be enthusiastic!

That's all for this week. See you next time!