Friday Things: 03/09

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[Welcome to Friday Things! I missed it last week due to some complications and just being plain ol' busy - in addition to recovering from the whole wrist issue, which is going well by the way, I now had some preventative surgery last Thursday and have stitches in. They're less of a bother now, so I'm back up to speed. Enough about me though, enjoy this week's reads!]

On Books, Reading, Authors:

James Rollins has this video where he talks about what he does when he's not writing. It's always cool to see what an author's into and what is incorporated into their books.

Pottermore is finally set to be opened to the general public online starting April! They ran into a few hitches along the way, but it looks like things are working now. Yay!

Letters of Note published a fantastic letter written by a very angry J.R.R. Tolkien after

he was asked for proof of Aryan descent by a German publisher, which may or may not have been the actual response sent over to them.

For further reading on the issue of Barnes and Nobles (or other book stores) not selling Amazon published products: another insightful read. This whole situation is just silly, and everyone needs to stop.

On Photography:

These are clouds. Indoors. They're awesome. Look at them!

Have an iPad and want to learn about lighting? This App for Scott Kelby is free and full of tutorials.

The New York Institute of Photography is running a photo contest based around the color Green. Enter before April 10!

On Gaming:

A bud has turned me on to a newish gaming lit site called medium difficulty - give it a read sometime! Here's the About page.


I'm really, seriously looking forward to ParaNorman! Most of the reason why is because the film is in the capable hands of LAIKA and Focus Features, who brought us the 3-D stop motion film Coraline (based on a book by Neil Gaiman). You can watch the trailers here.

That's all I've got for today. Pretty light compared with some past editions, but nonetheless plenty to take a look at. As usual, be sure to leave feedback or more links you think I should include! Have a fab Friday~