Elton John: Not slowing down

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In a display of his total rock star status, Elton John performed a fantastic concert at the Bank Atlantic Center this past weekend in Sunrise, Florida.

Hitting up this show was a rather last-minute deal for me, as I hadn't bought the tickets too far in advance (actually, only about three days prior). I had seen him before together with Billy Joel on their Face2Face tour a few years back, but never Elton solo.

I'm glad I got those tickets.

The show was incredible, and being a "greatest hits" tour it was the kind of performance that made everyone feel good. He played all those hits that everyone wanted to sing along to, wore an awesome purple suit and coat that shone like a disco ball and was accompanied by a smashing band, including mister Nigel Olsson who has been with him since the beginning. That's a damn long time.

Here's a look at the set list if you're interested in seeing what he played for us that night. The show really was non-stop hit after hit, and the band was on stage for a full three hours. He started on time, and he only took one short break to introduce his fellow stage mates and another to walk off stage dramatically before the encore.

What impressed me more than anything was that even after this long (and I do mean long:

Elton John has been performing since we put man on the moon), Elton can put on a performance that keeps everyone, well, entertained. By the end of the show, more than half the audience was on their feet dancing to the Crocodile Rock. Even the tech guys that sit behind the floor audience were dancing along.

Much like other older performers I've seen on stage, he likes to briefly chat in between numbers and introduce what he'll be singing next. Sometimes, he'd give us some background as to where the song came from, or dedicate it. It's nice to connect a bit more with folks on stage, and Elton John even took a quick minute to walk over to the end stage and autograph a bunch of people's stuff.

Overall, Elton's concert was a fun one. Fans of his music, even if you only sort of listen to it but like his style, will absolutely enjoy seeing him live. You're going to get every penny and more out of your ticket because he gives you everything he's got every time. Like I said before, his status is total rock star.

Don't miss this tour if you're on the route!

[image via my trusty iPhone - it's a little fuzzy because I was quite far from the stage - directly across!]