Taming the reading back log

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I have a lot of ambitious reading goals for this year. Apart from the personal list of things I want to have read by 2013, I've also signed up for The Books that made me Love Reading Challenge, which may very well double my book count.

Right now, I'm still reading Moby-Duck (by Donovan Hohn), and have been for about a month and a half. It's a long book, but made longer by the material. As interesting as it is to learn about oceanography, driftology and everything in between, unfamiliar territory has me reading slower and in smaller bursts than I normally would. In an effort to avoid abandoning the book altogether (note: I'm loving the book, but have simply found it difficult to read) I have put everything else on hold for now.

I'm almost finished, though, and once I'm through with Moby-Duck I'll be reading Doxology as part of a massive blog tour being orchestrated by Emlyn Chand over at Novel Publicity. Today I went ahead and imported the .mobi file to my Kindle for reading and reviewing purposes, even. The book tour itself begins on March 5, so I want to be as "ahead of the game" as possible and read it now. Watch this space for a review when the time comes!

I mentioned the Challenge earlier, and this month I've chosen to read through the Precious Moments: Through-The-Year Stories book. That's going to come intermittently while I read Doxology, since it's a bunch of short stories, mostly in large print that could be read in all of five minutes. I'm pretty excited for that.

Finally: we get to the other good stuff, that is, what I'm reading later! The first book I'm excited to be reading this year once all this is over is Howl's Moving Castle. It's not in my hands yet, but I've got an incomplete list here of things I want to read (this wish list doesn't include Murakami's 1Q84 which was given to me for Christmas and also on my back log for this year). I'll also be looking at The Whip which was sent to me as a prize from my buddy Sharayah Pranger via this contest. Take a look at her review and, of course, look forward to mine later!

That's it for now. Have any suggestions for me? As long as it isn't romance or hard horror, I'll probably be interested. Cheers!