Radiohead: Still rockin' it

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Last night I sat at the nosebleed section to see Radiohead in Miami. I'm glad I did, since not only did their U.S. tour kick off here, but they debut some new music and delivered some oldies in the mix that we all know and love. As it turns out, they played a song they've never performed, too ("Meeting in the Aisle" from OK Computer). The first link contains a full set list if you're interested in that kind of thing.

Radiohead is a example of a group that sounds great on the home entertainment system, but even better live. Nothing beats enjoying the ambiance a band can create with their music and stage effects, and I've not seen many performers with the energy Thom Yorke has onstage. It's nothing but fun no matter where you are in the arena.

This is my second time seeing Radiohead live and I'll probably go for it a third time if and when they return. I had my reservations seeing them again since their music has changed a bit over the years, and I do much prefer their older stuff, but I was still blown away at the performance.

The show has a theme and a flow to it

that is well crafted and thought out, rather than just a random selection of their music. It's a lot of music, by the way, and Thom mentioned at the beginning of the show that they have something like 70+ songs at the ready for this tour.

The jazzy feel of the show was refreshing and mesmerizing at the same time, not to mention well-complemented by the stage effects. I've mentioned them twice already because they were spectacular. The stage had the full display background as well as several smaller, square displays that would change positions for each number. They'd change colors and all that, but the squares would show the faces of the performers and pulse with the beat of the music.

Everything about the production complemented the music.

While most of the show was concentrated with their more recent albums, they did as I mentioned before mix in older songs that went with the theme and meshed well with the feel of it (and in a way, told us a story). That and, they left everyone on a very good note by closing with "Karma Police" at the end of their second encore. They didn't just close with it, Thom Yorke got everyone singing the chorus after their bow-outs and they walked offstage to the tune.

Radiohead is a performance I'd recommend to anyone who likes the feel of their music, whether they are too familiar with it or not (particularly their recent King of Limbs and In Rainbows). If you're into the jazzy stuff and like rock as well, this is the concert for you.

It's a great show for hardcore and new fans alike. Don't miss it!

[Buy The King of Limbs | In Rainbows]

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