Late night excitement

General UpdatesKristina PinoComment
Today (as in Thursday, since I haven't slept), I finished the big chunk of an application to teach in Japan. I'm trying it out with Interac, and it was a fairly simple process right up until I got to the last couple steps and was asked to answer a few questions in essay format and choose my time-off and placement preferences.

Whoa, whoa. It's only step one, here. I already have to think about where I want to be placed? And how badly I want to be placed there, and list alternatives? Dang.

That's when I began to feel slightly nervous. I got four spaces to list my preferences. For all four, I listed Elementary school level kids, three of them for metro/urban lifestyle, one suburban, and half of them for Kansai. More than anything, I'm dying to be back around Kyoto and Osaka since I know and love the area already, but who knows where I'll be placed.

Alternatively, I pitched Central Japan. At a loss, my fourth choice was "anywhere, metro/urban."

And now... I wait. I wait for someone to give me a call, and ask me some more questions, or ask if I'm flexible about the students or placement, or additional information I may have botched on the application. The good news is, if I don't make it, I'll know by... April?

The other good news is, if I do make it, I'm out of here in August. Dang, that isn't too far away from now. August! That's like... five months from now. Wow.