Friday Things: Feb. 24

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Another Friday, another list! Here's what I thought was pretty spiffy and rad or noteworthy this past week.

On Comics:

I was alerted via Blastr this week of an article on Big Think titled "Why Batman Should Kill The Joker." Do you agree with what Tauriq Moosa has to say on the ethics of the situation?

On Photography:

Viewbug is having a photography contest! The theme is "purple color" and you could win a metallic standout to hang up on your wall. Contest ends on June 2, so you've got plenty of time.

This dude is really, really good at photoshop. He managed to make it look like a horde of celebrities party with him all the time.

Light Painting Photographer, Jason D. Page: How'd They Do That? from AdoramaTV on Vimeo.

This episode of "How'd They Do that?" features Jason D. Page on Light Painting. It's pretty neat, and you should watch it. The video is 13 minutes and 37 seconds long. (via)

On Books:

It looks like J.K. Rowling has been pretty busy, and she's working on a new book targeted at adults. That's all we really know for now, other than she's working with a different publisher.

James Rollins has been busy, too, and has published another author to author interview on his blog. Check out his interview with Howard Gordon, who is known for his work in The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 24.


Apparently, squids can fly. There is now photographic evidence of it and scientists are studying the subject (i.e. how long do they fly opposed to swim?)

My buddy Colette tweeted about this cool (and free) set of Daft Punk albums re-mixed in 8-bit (as chiptunes). You should give them a listen sometime!

Zelda Williams wrote an open letter as the child actor of a successful actor, from and about child actors of successful actors, or rather kids that take on the trade of their parents in general titled "Regarding Progeny."

Lastly, there's a new trailer (really, it's a clip) out for Disney/PIXAR's Brave. You should watch it, and get more excited for the movie being released to theaters on June 22.

Once again, enjoy the links! If you have any contributions, be sure to send them my way either via comments here, Twitter or any other format I'll be able to see them. Thanks for reading!