Friday Things: Feb. 17

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[Friday Things

is the temporary (and maybe permanent) name of what I hope to be a regular thing where I share links and tidbits of whatever I found interesting in the week. Enjoy!]

On Books and Writing:

This is pretty gross, even though the publisher is completely, legally in the clear. HarperCollins fired the author/creator of Vampire Diaries (L.J. Smith) and will continue the series without her. She's not allowed to do anything with the title any more as copyright belongs to the publisher. If that post is a little too fan-girly to you, here's a copy of L.J. Smith's full message. I don't read the series in question, but I would be very upset as a creator to be stripped of my own story.

I keep reading about this Elements of Style rap, but every link I click on has no viewable video. Just a dumb screen asking me to make a vimeo account. This article has the transcribed lyrics, though, so you could at least enjoy that.

On Art:

A lot of folks are pretty nervous about copyright issues in the world of art, including Sean G Murphy who explains why and sheds some more light on the issues at hand.

I've just discovered the PixArt column on Pixar Times, and the latest feature is a lovely piece by Yosiell Lorenzo. Click through to read about the author and check out other PixArt features! (image via linked page)

On Photography:

This is another great article about iPhonography and accepting that the iPhone is sitting in a lot of pockets, ready to snap a picture and share it with the internet. Last week I shared something on it, I know, but I'm in the "I just like to look at nice things" camp when it comes to these issues.

Some crazy stuff is going down with Olympus. Someone (or many someones) is in trouble.

On Gaming and Music:

The Indie Game Music Bundle is on sale, is pay what you want, and still available at the time of writing for another three days. You should go get it, because music is awesome.


This is why we can't have nice things. (or, Tales of a Lawsuit-Happy Society)

Pinterest is a pretty big deal! I haven't tried it yet, but the new social media site has really caught on, and here's what photographer Thomas Hawk has to say about it.

I thought I was in the clear for not sharing my e-mail or number with retailers, but apparently just repeated use of a credit card is enough for Target to track your spending habits and personalize your coupons a bit. Legal? Yes. Creepy? Absolutely. Wrong? Not really, since they're just using the information to try and sell things you need to you. (The way I see it, anyway.)

It isn't easy being an intern these days, especially when you have to weigh whether you want to advance your career or fight for your rights.

And finally: This guy wants to tightrope walk across the Niagara Falls! And he's getting permission to do it.

That's it for this week! Again, I'm accepting suggestions for these and we all know there is plenty of reading material out there in the vast interwebs. See you next time!