Friday Things: Feb. 10

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[Friday Things

is the temporary (and maybe permanent) name of what I hope to be a regular thing where I share links and tidbits of whatever I found interesting in the week. Enjoy!]

On Travel:

I seriously want to fly on a Hello Kitty jet plane ! It's too bad I don't see myself at Hong Kong any time soon, though. Learn about them and weep with me. Read also: Japanator's write-up on the news.

On Writing:

My buddy Valerie Valdes writes on taking criticism of your writing.

Another buddy of mine, Lauren Orsini, writes about getting media attention in her article "How to get a reporter to write about you."

She's also a cool gal and has made a fantabulous offer to helping newbies start up their very own blog.

On Geek Fashion:

I'm a fan of Black Milk Clothing, and actually own one of their custom swim suits (this R2D2 one). Their new line of stuff they've released looks fantastic, and I have some major leggings envy for anyone who can justify paying $80 for the Tetris bottoms.

I wasn't sure whether to put this in the writing or fashion section, but at the end of the day, a cute geeky t-shirt is a cute geeky t-shirt.

On Photography:

Fstoppers has a great editorial up about iPhonography and how it's going nowhere, despite the uproar it's fueled among many photographers. It's a great read, especially because it brings up an issue that's genuinely upsetting: a company is making gear for the iPhone and calling it iPro. What?

If you like looking at pictures taken at Disney World, Thomas Scott recommends you take a look at Mr Teller's twitter feed. (They are fun, for sure. Thanks, Thomas!)

Shameless Self-Promotion:



Lance Armstrong recently announced a partnership between LIVESTRONG and IRONMAN, which means he'll not only be participating in these grueling triathlon races, but qualifying to the biggest one (in Hawaii) and raising even more funds for cancer and is a thing that's happening. The headline in this press release claims over a million dollars will go to LIVESTRONG for cancer.

Matthew Callan writes on his thoughts of a very important matter. He's trying to decipher what city it was that was "Built on Rock and Roll." Thanks again to Thomas Scott for recommending this clever read.

Lastly, per a tweet from Jim Sterling this morning I was alerted to this insightful editorial by Alan Moore on the iconic Guy Fawkes mask used in V for Vendetta, for anonymous and related things.

That's it for this week! Thanks one more time to Thomas Scott for throwing two suggestions my way this week, and I encourage the rest of you to do the same whenever you do find something great you read this week and want to share. Thanks for reading!