The drawbacks of playing Skyward Sword

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Earlier on I wrote about my good impressions playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I still have a positive outlook on the game, because it is quite good, but now that I've clocked in more than 20 hours I've got a few things to say about the drawbacks. Those things you have to deal with to get to the good stuff.

The controls are still a pain.

Most of the time, Link more or less does what I want him to, but the swings aren't always precise, or I blow him up a bit too often when I'm unable to roll something away from him rather than toss. This is somewhat remedied by the acquisition of the bomb bag, but bombs aren't the only things that require rolling. I also get tired of running him off edges of cliffs when I mean him to jump at ropes to swing across.

I never really had a problem with Navi.

Her tips were usually short and to the point, and if I didn't feel like reading her tips I could just skip them with the push of a button and move on with my life.

Fi, on the other hand, is an aggravatingly redundant addition to the game

that I could have done without. Her "tips" are frequently unnecessary, and I haven't learned a way to make her dialogue box run faster yet.

I understand that she makes the game more player-friendly to all kinds of folks that would want to play; but considering Skyward Sword is the sort of game best played after you've been through Ocarina of Time and others, I don't see why she needs to over-explain things that are obvious after playing a few other Zelda titles. The best part is, when I actually do need a hint or some advice, she doesn't tell me anything relevant, either. Figures. Maybe she should have some kind of adjustment options: heavy, moderate or light on the "tips."


I've learned that the best way to get hints/tricks is to talk to the boing boing stone next to the sword school at Skyloft. That thing will update with new hints every time you access a new area and show you how to get through puzzles.

Lastly (for now): I can live with all creatures in a zone respawning every time I restart the game, but do I really need to get the item explanation every time I pick something up for the first time after a game restart?

Let's say I've picked up hundreds of rupees of all kinds in one play session and shut off the game. When I turn it back on, the first red rupee I pick up will trigger the mini-scene where Link picks up the red rupee and you get an explanation of what it is. Why is this? It also happens to all synthesis/upgrade items I pick up for the first time after a reboot. I don't need that feature.

They're minor gripes at best, but altogether make for some frustrating playtime. The worst of it, of course is dealing with Fi interrupting me to say stupid things I already learned through dialogue (or that are just plain obvious). I really wish I could just turn her off, or leave her behind at some shop like in this funny video.

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