The uneventful beginning

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You know you have a friend's trust when they leave you to watch their two (and a half) month old kid. To me, it seems like a whole new level of trust when one of your arms is mostly useless and they still leave you with him, though.

I had the new, and not so terrifying experience of handling a baby for about two and a half hours Friday, and my battle scars are intensely sore limbs. I didn't think my arms would be shaking after just 40 minutes of carrying him, or that he'd be so restless that I'd have an accumulated 15 minutes (maybe), without counting feeding time, during which he'd give me a rest and sit in his bouncing seat. I knew this stuff was hard on moms, but I'm gaining a whole new respect for them. And he's only going to get heavier. And stinkier.

Maybe he's too young, or simply too good-natured, but I don't have any hilarious stories involving my distress to tell you just yet. Just that I was heading over, worried, that I'd end up with a headache from the screaming or bored with nothing to do in case of snooze parties. I ended up bringing a book with me, worrying whether I should have taken my PS3, but ended up with no time (or hands) to read, much less play a game. Instead, we watched a whole lot of Tabatha taking over poorly run beauty salons.

Thus ends the first chapter of my adventures in babysitting.