In-cast recovery: 37% completion

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It's been just over a week since I've been injured and graduated from splint to cast. I figured I'd write up a quick little post about what I've learned, things I've achieved and things that have, by contrast, gone horribly wrong.

After a few days in the hard cast, I learned how to clip on and detach my bra all by myself. For that matter, I could dress myself completely without help if it's something easy like jeans and a t-shirt, or my khakis and shirt combo I wear for work. Some days are slower than others, but I can manage. I just can't wash my hair myself.

I was finally able to singlehandedly flip an omelet! Unfortunately, I went for the encore a few minutes later and ended up breaking said omelet anyway, but still, a flip is a flip. On the other hand, cooking is a challenge because I can't twist the pepper grinder.

While using fighting sticks to play fighting games with my friends turned out to be a painful activity I don't intend to repeat until I'm fully recovered, I found I am able to hold a controller for my PS3 and play games that don't require much button mashing, like Final Fantasy XIII. It's a welcome relief, because I've been writing less as a result of the aches and have much more free time.

(As for my current status in that game, I'm almost through with story mode! I'm on Chapter 12 (out of 13), and I hope to beat the game before my recovery period is over. In terms of getting 100% completion in the game, that might take a bit longer, but I'm just glad I'll be finishing a game so early in the year.)

I am able to use my camera, but the process is cumbersome. And when I say "use my camera," I mean free-handed use because my tripod is out of the question (unable to squeeze/grip the handle with my left hand while I pose things and adjust the camera settings with my right). I've got some reviews coming up for Tomopop, and have employed the aide of my boyfriend to get it all done without tearing my hair out.

Over the past week my cast has acquired lots of doodles and notes from my friends and family. Some of them are rad, like an Invader Zim or Batman drawing, others questionable, like a "Good Job!" note from my uncle and a poop drawing from a friend (could be seen upside-down next to Zim above). I love carrying them all around, though, and this is an experience I never had in childhood. I don't plan on keeping the cast, but I'll certainly keep a few pictures so I can remember all the junk people decorated it with.

Last, but not least: "Small Cap" water bottles are the enemy.

That's all I've got for this week! I'll be back next week with another update. I also thought I'd mention that friend Tian gave me some great suggestions in a different post on what I should do to make the most of my injury, such as making up crazy stories about how I was injured or paint the cast black and attach some blades to turn into Wolverine. Thanks for the suggestions!

[images via myself; iPhone]