The best kind of souvenir

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Oh, Canada! Land of mountains, and snow, and people who are very skillful playing sports on said snow, myself not included. I rang in the New Year by falling on Mont Trémblant and fracturing my wrist while I was snowboarding. No cool flips or moves were involved, just one spectacular flop and misplaced wrist made the magic happen.

Over the course of the past three days, I've developed a profound respect for individuals who have to get around with one less limb, though specifically one less hand since that's been my experience. Not that I didn't admire their ability to adapt, because I absolutely do, but being forced to do everything with one hand, even if it is my dominant hand, has been difficult. I mean, I can't even put a bra on or sometimes button my pants without someone's help. It's pretty pathetic.

My fall was on Saturday (literally rang in the New Year as it was the 31st), and after a visit to the clinic at the base of the village I'd been at I learned it was fractured, not broken or displaced, and needed to be immobilized. The doctor at hand put a splint on it and instructed me to visit an orthopedic surgeon once back home. I did, and while efficient, the splint had to come off, and I learned that it wasn't just one little fracture, but perhaps two or three small breaks throughout my wrist that need mending. Thankfully, again, there isn't anything out of place or broken, so the splint was replaced with a bright green cast.

In three weeks I get to see the doctor again and get this horrid thing off. In the meanwhile, I get to learn new things:

1) How to deal with constant aches and pains concentrated in one area that isn't my head for once.

2) Having a bright green thing on me (like a brand) that shows folks everywhere I go that I did something dumb enough to bust my ass.

3) Try to figure out ways to forget about itches that I can't reach because they're inside the cast and I was told to avoid sticking anything inside lest I break my own skin.

4) Maybe finally learn how to clip on and remove bras with just one hand. I never really thought I'd have a realistic need for such a skill, though.

In a way, it's kind of a nice experience because until now I've never broken or fractured any bone or part of my body besides the occasional toe stubbing. I didn't really ask for it, but there's nothing I can do but let it heal now, right? I'm just lucky I don't require surgery, or a longer healing time, or didn't break my leg instead.

So far, it's just been tiring. Thank goodness my schedule is flexible! More on this as time goes by. Cheers!

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