Another Adventure Begins: Skyward Sword

GamesKristina PinoComment

I know I shouldn't be stacking up even more games to my "in progress" list, but last night I went ahead and played through the first section of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword over at my boyfriend's house. Thankfully, I'll only be playing it while I'm over there since he also has the game going for himself (we borrowed it from a friend), so it won't interfere with my regular gaming.

My first impressions of the game are good ones, needless to say.

For my tastes, Skyward Sword is hampered by the Wii graphically (and motion controls could be gimmicky), but in all other respects feels both fresh and new while comfortably snug as your regular Zelda game. It's got everything I'm used to, from the moron sitting on top of a house to show me how to Z-target when I first walk out of a room after waking up, to the image of Zelda "turning around" so you see her for the first time. After some running around to learn the controls, you set off on your big adventure, guided by Fi, a spirit that sounds suspiciously like GLaDOS.

The best thing about the game so far, besides the new take on a Zelda story (Link and Zelda start off as childhood friends in a school setting) is actually how ridiculously cute Zelda's character design is! I'm loving Link as well, and I'll openly admit I "had a moment" when he put on his iconic green tunic and cap for the first time an hour and a half into game play. It was probably nostalgia, but such a greatly well-done moment.

The pacing has been pleasant, so I'm looking forward to the next section of the game. Right now, I've finished learning how to fly and attained a special sword, and Link is ready to burst through the clouds, downwards to the land below the sky to go on a grand mission and save Zelda. Wish me luck!

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