The right game at the right time

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Now that I'm through with Batman: Arkham City (for now), I slipped back into Final Fantasy XIII. I was a little bit worried I'd be lost in terms of the battle mechanics and figuring out where I was in the story to keep moving forward, but thankfully I had no issues. Where I was when I turned it on yesterday (the game's Chapter 11) is not a terribly complex section and I didn't have anywhere to go but forwards (the map had an arrow pointing the way and everything). It also helps that they have a fantastic update system that tells you what's going on story-wise every time you load the game (every time a new event happens, the recap is updated).

I went onwards into a boss fight and then experienced one of the best cut-scenes I've seen in a long time, which led into the game's Chapter 12 (out of 13 - I'm almost done with the story!). After seeing the characters bust their way into a new area in the most kick-butt way, I sighed a glorious sigh of relief that I was back in the game that I wanted to be in. I would post a video here (if one exists on YouTube), but decided it's too awesome to "spoil" the surprise for anyone.

It's going to be a while from here on out. In this game, I do indeed hope to make it to 100% completion. They aren't making it easy, mind you, but I've had a lot more fun playing FFXIII than I ever thought I would. Now, if only FFXII would get ported to PS3, then I'd replay it (and make it through 100%, since last time I only clocked in about 50 hours before I stopped  playing).

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