Only 38%?!

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[Note: This post is spoiler-free!]

I finally finished through the main storyline of Batman: Arkham City last night, and I was surprised to see I didn't even get to the 40% mark in game completion! I suppose it's a good and a bad thing, since there's a bunch of stuff to do as Catwoman and Nightwing, challenges and Riddler busyworking, but a lot of my feelings of accomplishment greatly diminished when I saw that number.

When the credits started rolling (for the second time, because I actually nailed a "bad end" as Catwoman), I had time to sit and enjoy the moment. I did it! I finished the game! Yay! But I don't feel encouraged to actually follow through to 100% completion. I doubt I'll get all of the Riddler trophies or do every single challenge, but I do intend to go back and play the other characters.

In terms of my impressions of the game, I still stand by my earlier post about how the difficulty was impeding my enjoyment. Rather, the boss fights remained absurdly simple throughout the entire game, but all the stuff in-between was ridiculous. It's not that it was very difficult, really. It's that I got at least 60 game overs in the course of the game, none during boss fights. They were all stupid KO's and ridiculous situations that I wasn't expecting (or apparently didn't have the patience for).

Does it make the game bad that I had difficulty getting around? No, but it made me want to throw my controller out the window on occasion. While I do think I'll end up playing through Batman: Arkham Asylum again in 'hard mode' to get the platinum trophy, I don't think I'll do the same for Arkham City. What's the point in being frustrated?

I haven't even mentioned the glorious animation, fantastic voice acting or cool plot twists that were tossed into the mix, though. Arkham City really is a fantastic game in so many ways; it's a shame that it focused so much more on downloaded and extra features than the story. I usually judge games primarily on how many hours of enjoyment I'll get out of them based on what they cost, and the story wasn't worth a full price game. It'll be worth it when I play through the other content, but why should I have to do that? And what about people who buy the game used and thus have to pay for the extra content?

I wonder whether the completion rate changes based on what you have registered with the game. If I hadn't registered Catwoman, Nightwing, extra maps or anything else, would I have something like 70% completion instead? I don't know if it matters enough to me to look it up, but if it doesn't adjust based on those things, it's pretty lame towards those who don't buy it new.

All that being said, I'm incredibly happy I'm finally through it. My boyfriend helped me purchase the game (I wanted the statue that came with the Collectors Edition - reviewed by me on Tomopop) and I didn't want to drop it without at least finishing story mode. He's borrowing it now, so now I've got a nice break to play other things while the game gets passed around my buds.

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