Bringing forth the metal and doing it right

Events and PerformancesKristina PinoComment

On Friday I had the distinct (no, really) pleasure of being blasted with Christmas and classic metal by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I had seen them in concert before, but since it was several years ago the experience was fuzzy. Now that I've seen them again I can safely say they are definitely worth watching whenever they're by.

There is always a lot to take in when it comes to TSO. Musically, they deliver nothing but the best. It's apparent that the musicians are not only well trained, but incredibly passionate about what they're playing (not to mention music in general). Visually, the effects throughout the show are a spectacle to behold. Don't let the word "orchestra" make you think you're just watching a crowd of musicians sit on a stage and perform bad-ass arrangements; they make use of light shows, lasers, moving, floating platforms and even fire. Lots of fire, and in different colors, too.

While I'm not arguing whether orchestra performances are relevant to mainstream masses, I do feel the need to say that TSO certainly knows how to put on a hot show and make an orchestra performance very relevant. The experience is a fun mixture of hair metal (lots of hair), classical (and not so classical) music with fresh arrangements and a whole lot of heart tossed in with the fabulous performance. Performance here is a key word; they aren't just playing music, they're performing to a crowd. Roddy Chong, the key violinist at hand, joined the guitarists in some glorious head-banging throughout the show that just made everything even better. He just had so much energy and was running around the entire time!

It also helps that after the performance, they all sat at a long table together to meet fans and sign autographs. I got all of them to sign on my tickets! I wasn't sure they'd all fit, but they somehow made it happen. The t-shirts were cool, too, and I walked away with one that had their latest album's artwork on it. (For concert swag it was also well priced.)

Finally, at some point in the evening they announced they would be touring Beethoven next year, which is something I am very excited for considering it's not only my favorite composer but a show they are "bringing back" due to its popularity. I'll definitely be there to make it my third time catching them on stage!

(image taken via iPhone during the show by me)