They always come back

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It has probably been a good 15 years since I was a regular comic book buyer/reader, but The New 52 has been a great excuse for me to get back in the habit. That and I don't have to rely on my parents' incentives to get good grades any more, seeing as how this was back in elementary and middle school; a time that I chose instead to get good grades for books and video games.

One thing I could do without is having to fight for every issue at my local comic shop. There just aren't enough comics in the run to meet the sales for first, or even second printings. It's annoying that I have to visit the store several times a month just to collect a few issues, and I don't even aim to get first print issues any more. I just want to read them, you know?

That being said, the #1's I've been able to nab up until now are: Batman, Batman: Dark Knight, Catwoman, Batwoman, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps, Wonder Woman (a month later), Green Lantern: New Guardians and Penguin. I've also gone and picked up the unrelated New Ultimate Spider-Man. Most of them are actually first printings cause I've gotten lucky, but I don't really intend to sell them or anything so it shouldn't matter.

Out of all those titles, I really didn't like Catwoman, but enjoyed the rest. I loved Batgirl, surprisingly! It apparently got a lot of flak for bringing Barbara Gordon back as the Batgirl instead of Oracle. While I agree that Babs was already a strong character (or even role model) as a female, and a disabled person, I don't feel like she was "ruined" by the reboot or that it's inherently bad cause she's back to being Batgirl. I had a great time reading the first issue and I'm sure I'll love the rest.

Batman has always been my favorite hero, so I picked up most of the Batman titles. Since I've also been curious about Green Lantern, I wanted to try out the new series, too. So far, I am really enjoying the regular Batman and Batwoman comics quite a bit. They're exciting!

Maybe I'll review some of them here. I may just wait until I get my hands on #3s and whatnot before I do so, since they just give you the story bit by bit. I don't like all the wait, and it's the same reason why I don't really keep up with currently running stuff, but I'm making several exceptions lately. Check back for more on this later!