Bad Things

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So I finally finished up watching through Season 4 of True Blood. I wasn't planning on watching it until closer to next summer when Season 5 would kick off, but I ended up seeing it over Thanksgiving vacations for lack of much of anything else to do!

I really don't like how many things were left unresolved at the end of the season as well as the introduction to several new problems. It felt more like the penultimate episode, not the final episode of the season. At least tie over a couple of those issues and try to round things off a little more for the finale. Give us a little more closure. Instead, we're left with some horrid cliffhangers that I'm not even upset about. I was so surprised and underwhelmed by what happened that I'm not even frustrated with the ending!

I won't be giving away any spoilers for those of you who read (or probably don't read) my blog, so don't you worry.

I do have a small retrospect on the series, though. Before I got into watching the show, I decided to read the books. I wanted to read up to the most recent book, which was published this year, beforehand because you never know what order the TV series is going to reveal information, or if it'll change it, or who knows.

From what I've seen, Alan Ball is loosely following some of the major themes and plot points from the books, keeping with the spirit of things but reinterpreting it completely and changing a lot of details. It's like you're getting to a similar destination but the way you get there is completely different. You might be surprised to know that I'm actually not really torn up about it. In fact, I think the show is great! I mean, over 5 million viewers can't be all wrong. And it's HBO - it's going to definitely focus on some things a little more than others.

Between the two, I really enjoy the books (Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris) better. Though I don't particularly like the direction that Season 4 took with the storyline, I still like True Blood enough to keep watching. I'm really curious to know what he's going to do to get his characters out of the mess they're in. I'm just disappointed that Sookie's romantic life is...well, changing. I was hoping for more of her with Eric.

Ah well! Anyway - if you haven't watched it and like sexy stuff with supernatural themes and some good drama, you might like True Blood. It's not this vampire-crazed cock and bull chastity story that is Twilight (which is the worst adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries to date). It's mature and fun! Not for everyone, but probably for most of ya.

Bonus: I discovered that there's a blog which HBO maintains for one of the characters (as in, it's in character) with regular-ish entries and video logs. You could check out Jessica's blog here!