Catching up

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Last night felt like a catch-up night in terms of anime or other shows that I've been meaning to watch, but just haven't found the time (or have had the drive) to do it. In the case with Gundam 00, I had watched more than halfway through season one before life got in the way and interrupted my fun.

Now that I've got an iPad, I'm finding it'll be easy to finally catch up on all of that. It's so simple to just plug in Netflix or stream from Crunchyroll and other places that I'll be able to watch my backlog on the go!

Yesterday I caught up to episode 18 of Gundam 00. I just finished watching Trinity (a team of siblings who pilot Gundams together) perform one of the most terrible acts of violence I have ever seen in anime. I'm trying to keep this spoiler-free in terms of big stuff, but man that was unexpected. It left me speechless. I had to turn off my screen and go do something else (play a little Project Diva in this case).

If you're wondering why I'm getting into the series now, it's because I've never truly been a big fan of the mecha genre. My favorite mecha series is Diebuster, and I really wanted to get into a Gundam show that wasn't SEED (one I really enjoyed in high school) or like Wing (one I really hated back in elementary). The problem with a lot of these shows (and this applies to any anime, not just mecha) is child protagonists usually turn me off. I can't relate to a 12 year old in a really serious role, and I wanted to watch something that was well animated but also mature. You know, to whet my appetite.

I asked a mecha guru, and the first thing he suggested is that I watch Gundam 00. I'm so glad I did, because I'm loving the show so far. There is a lot to admire about the series, such as the strong characters and the beautiful artwork. It also helps that I like L'Arc en Ciel who perform the first Opening Theme (called Daybreak's Bell).

The drama is great, and like I mentioned earlier I love how strong the characters are. It's not easy to introduce a fairly large and complicated cast and not have any just fade into the background. You may be indifferent towards a few people, but you'll definitely love some and feel some intense hatred towards others. To me, that's a sure sign that you're watching the right stuff.

That being said, I'll absolutely be back with another post once I'm through with the first season to update on how I enjoyed it. Eventually, I'll also get into the second season and the 00 movies. I may end up skipping around since there is a lot of well-recommended stuff out there that I've missed out on due to lack of time.

I am also open to more suggestions if you have one or two shows (anime or TV) you absolutely recommend all the time! My backlog will come up on a separate post for anyone who is interested as well. Looking forward to catching up!

(images are screenshots I took while watching)