About Les Literables

Les Literables is an online book club that I hope will turn into a blossoming community of book lovers from anywhere in the globe.

I'm joined by two of my dear friends, Jen and Yami, in a Les Literables podcast in which we discuss all the main reads of each month. We'll hopefully also be joined by a rotating cast of guest hosts as schedules allow. To view/listen to our podcasts, check out this YouTube playlist!

Les Literables Online Book Club is on GoodReads! Check out our (new) page here.

Les Literables will be as great as you want it to be. Jump in: read and share stories that are relevant to your interests.

Want to suggest a book for us to read for the podcast? Use this form.

Are you an author and want to be a guest on our podcast if we read your book? This is the form for you.

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